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The 10 components below will take your marketing and promotions to the next level. They open up a whole new world of possibilities for you.

The hard truth is that good content is king... and to succeed online, content is EVERYTHING.

This package has enough excellent content for you to target marketers and truly succeed in the fitness and success sub-niches.

The Warrior Marketer PLR Upgrade

I'm Giving You 10 More Powerful Tools!

Component 1: 50 High-Quality Fitness & Self-Help PLR Articles

50 High-Quality Fitness & Success Related PLR Articles

What Is EPOC an Why It’s A Marketer’s Best Friend When It Comes To Weight Loss - (526 Words)
Discover How Being Fit Help With Your Online Marketing - (602 words)
Boost Your Metabolism and You’ll Speed Up Your Weight Loss - (606 words)
4 Tips To Boosting Your Testosterone Level - (584 words)
The 3 Fundamentals To Get Six Pack Abs - (570 words)
Starving Yourself Works Against You!- (535 words)
A Bad Habit That Adds Weight To A Marketer’s Belly - (541 words)
Every Online Marketer Needs A Food Journal - (529 words)
Do You Really Need A Gym Membership? - (591 words)
Change Up Your Training Regimen and Smash Plateaus - (521 words)
Can You Train While You Work? - (621 words)
Get It Over and Done With! - (548 words)
The Secret To Loving Exercise That Most People Don’t Know About - (524 words)
Work Your Legs and You Work Off Your Fat - (549 words)
Track Your Progress Like A Maniac - (541 words)
Unleash the Power of IF - (544 words)
Enthusiasm Is Infectious - (599 words)
7 Secrets Of Abundance - (777 words)
How To Deal With The Inner Critic - (559 words)
Make The Difficult Look Easy and The Easy Look Beautiful - (551 words)
If You Will Change, Everything Will Change For You - (546 words)
Imagination Will Take You Above The Masses - (577 words)
Silence Is An Ocean. Speech Is A River. - (549 words)
How To Be A Pleasing Personality - (541 words)
Fortune Favors The Bold - (531 words)
5 Reasons Why Kaizen Will Help you Succeed – (596 words)
Discover How to Use Kaizen To Live an Abundant Life – (636 words)
How To Use Kaizen to Skyrocket Your Business – (524 words)
Losing Weight with Kaizen – (639 words)
Using Kaizen to Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Family – (555 words)
7 Workout Tips for Men Above 40 – (877 words)
The Best Exercises for Men in Their Forties and Above – (751 words)
4 Weight Loss Tips for Middle-aged Men – (637 words)
Muscle Building Tips for Men Above 40 – (610 words)
Why Do Men Above 40 Struggle to Lose Weight? – (586 words)
If You’re a Male Above 40, You NEED To Read This – (564 words)
Supplements for Men Above 40 – (811 words)
How Does the Law of Attraction Work - (600 words)
How Long Does It Take for The Law of Attraction to Work - (610 words)
3 Reasons the Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work for Some People - (625 words)
5 Tips To Manifesting Money With the LOA - (775 words)
Dealing with Failure By Using the Law of Attraction - (542 words)
Discover Why Self-Reflection Is Necessary to Make the LOA Work - (607 words)
How Often Should I Visualize and Say Affirmations - (595 words)
Is Prayer a Good Alternative for the Law of Attraction - (593 words)
Using The Law of Attraction to Lose Weight - (615 words)
What Is a Vision Board and How Should I Use It - (582 words)
What is the Missing Ingredient in The Secret - (543 words)
Why Feeling It is More Important Than Saying It - (536 words)
You NEED This If You Want To Manifest Miracles - (570 words)

Component 2: 3 Opt-In Pages & Thank You Pages

(2 more opt-in pages not shown)

Component 3: Flaming Hot Lead Magnet #1

(26 pages - 2,530 words)


Yet another fantastic report, even if I say so myself.

This report will get marketers motivated enough to get up off the chair and exercise.

It's amazing how just a few simple exercises make a world of difference!

The exercises are designed to build stamina and strength... and will help marketers to clear their minds after hours of mind-numbing work on the computer.

They need this report. They really do.

Component 4: Flaming Hot Lead Magnet #2

 (21 pages - 2,658 words)


Do I need to tell you again that this is another fantastic report? I do?

Oh ok... This is a fantastic report. No, really it is.

But all levity aside, this report is of paramount importance to building a business online. Most marketers quit because of the struggles that beset them on their online journey.

The strategies and tips in this report will help them develop mental strength and the resilience to keep moving forward even when all hope seems lost.

Sometimes, all a person needs is motivation and direction to keep persevering... and this report gives them both!

Component 5: Flaming Hot Lead Magnet #3

(21 pages - 2,201 words)


This is a another fantas-.... oh wait... you already knew that.

I don't even know why you're still reading. I'd have bought this package by now because of the two fantastic reports earlier... but since you're still here.... Let's talk about this report.

It's all about failure... and is probably the most important report in this package. You're probably thinking, "Oh great! He has gone from fantastic to important..."

No no... it's true. Learning to cope with failure is crucial to attaining success online. This report will show marketers that failure is not the opposite of success. It's a part of success.

Once this realization hits them, they'll develop the fire in their bellies to handle failure and keep going without quitting till they attain success. This report will put the fire in their hearts.

I don't call it Flaming Hot PLR for nothing.

Component 6: Flip Book


This is a very cool component. I took the Warrior Marketer eBook and converted it into a flip book.

Unlike reading a PDF where you keep scrolling down like a porn addict, with a flip book, you just click on the mouse and the page will flip on your screen.

It's like reading a real book on your computer and the flip book has a 'swooshing' sound effect that makes you feel like you're actually turning a page.

It's almost cooler than me... Almost.

Component 7: 3 Infographics

Nothing like a good infographic to get the point across... and I'm giving you three!

It's not easy to create one. You'll need to research and summarize the info.

You'll need to look for suitable graphics and layouts... and... you know what...

You got better things to do.

Just use these infographics on your site, blog, Facebook page, mother-in-law's kitchen... whatever... and call it a day. It's so easy!

Component 8: Graphics & PSDs

Component 9: 7 Home Workout Videos

7 Workout Videos with RESELL RIGHTS!

Video 1: Leg Blast!

Duration: 9min 51sec

Exercises Covered:
Stationary Lunges
Stiff-leg Deadlifts
Lying Hip Lifts

Video 2: Upper Body

Duration: 10min 47sec

Exercises Covered:
Straight-arm Plank
Arm Circles
Bent-arm to Straight Arm Plank
Tricep Dips on a Chair
Bent-arm Plank Squeezing Shoulder Blades

Video 3: Cardio Training

Duration: 9min 44sec

Exercises Covered:
Jogging on the Spot
High Knees
Jumping Jacks

Video 4: Dynamic Upper Body Workout

Duration: 9min 45sec

Exercises Covered:
Straight-arm Plank With Shoulder Rotation
Straight-arm Plank With Sideways Movement/Pushup
Wood Chopping

Video 5: Dynamic Lower Body Workout

Duration: 12min 14sec

Exercises Covered:
Hop Squats
Lateral Squat
Reverse Lunges
Lunge With Knee Thrust
Hop Squats for Inner/Outer Thigh

Video 6: Core Workout

Duration: 8min 39sec

Exercises Covered:
Bent-arm Plank
Straight-arm Plank With Knee Crosses
Side/1-Arm Plank
Lying Leg Raises
V-sit With Twist

Video 7: Isometric Workout and Stretching

Duration: 16min 21sec

Exercises Covered:
Hold a Squat
Hold a Lunge With Arms Up
1 Leg, Forward Lean

Component 10: Power Yoga Videos

Hours at the computer can make one's shoulders, neck, and back very tense. Over time, postural problems develop and sitting at your computer becomes agonizing.

There are many marketers who will benefit from these yoga videos. The poses are simple to follow yet potent enough to stretch out your tense muscles and give you relief.

This is excellent for relaxation and to de-stress.

Poses shown:

- Child's pose
- Hamstring stretch right
- Hamstring stretch left
- Cat cow pose
- Downward dog
- Beginner high plank
- High plank
- Chaturanga

- Cobra upward facing dog
- Beginners flow
- Flow 2
- Low runners lunge left
- Low lunge left
- High lunge left
- High lunge right

The Warrior Marketer PLR Upgrade

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The Warrior Marketer PLR Upgrade

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Component 1: 50 Warrior Marketer PLR Articles
Component 7: Infographics
Component 8: You can't give away the PSDs
Component 10: Power Yoga Videos

Resell Rights & Master Resell Rights

Component 2: Opt-In & Thank You Pages
Component 3: Lead Magnet #1 (NOT the editable source files)
Component 4: Lead Magnet #2 (NOT the editable source files)
Component 5: Lead Magnet #3 (NOT the editable source files)
Component 6: Flip Book
Component 9: 7 Workout Videos

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[YES] Can be given to list subscribers.
[NO] You may NOT claim copyright to the content.

2 rules apply across the board for all components.

[No] You cannot give away or sell the package with the source files as your own PLR (e.g DOC & PSD files… because that’s my job.)
[No] You may not use my name with the PLR.

The rights for the above package are simple but they vary for the different components.

This is by design and not because I'm a control freak. I want those who buy this package to have an edge.

You can't have an edge if everybody and their plumber owns this package.

The Warrior Marketer PLR Upgrade